Jumpy Cubester

Jumpy Cubester

You'll flip out over our Modern take on changing the color of a cube.

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Meet Jumpy Cubester! A throwback to our favorite 80's arcade icon, just without the foul mouth. Jumpy Cubester is your kid friendly arcade game. A throwback to the retro arcade with 8 bit audio, retro style arcade play, and a cross between platform style games and puzzle games.

Jumpy Cubester will have you jumping frantically to avoid enemy movement, collect power ups, and completing creative levels while competing against your friends highest scores.

Jump into the action with our regular arcade game play and see how many levels you can complete. Or jump into the action in our Never ending level and see just how high you can jump. This arcade game will bring back memories of your favorite retro arcade game from the 80s.

Destroy enemies by stomping on them, blowing them up with explosives, or outmaneuver them. Tap to jump through these clever creative levels. You will enjoy the addictive game play and new mechanics not scene in the original retro arcade game.

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Luke Baggett and CJ Farr are Professional Software Engineers with a combined twenty years of experience between them. Both have equal passion for creating fun and engaging casual games.